Lockdown and Hatching 

Last time I posted, I'd just candled the chicken eggs on day 4. It's now day 20. We had one clear and two red rings of death, so only 4 eggs went into lockdown. Today our first egg started to hatch, a gold top (silkie x light Sussex) bantam.  6am: 10pm: The wait is excruciating, … Continue reading Lockdown and Hatching 

Good Days and Bad Days

There are good days and bad days at uni. Yesterday was particularly bad, with an incredibly depressing lecture on whaling. So many whales were killed in such a short space of time, all for their oil. The graphs showing their population crashes were just astonishing. Our lecturer had done research at a whaling station earlier … Continue reading Good Days and Bad Days

Only crazy people get up this early!

What do normal people do when they wake up at 5:30am on a Sunday? That's right, they go back to bed. What did I do? Went to the common, checked on the toads and did a spot of bird watching. The weather wasn't too bad this morning, it was a little overcast and windy, but … Continue reading Only crazy people get up this early!

Invertebrate Taxonomy

Having temporarily given up on my Marine Biology essay, I've now started my essay for Evolution and Biodiversity. There are a huge number of things that we're able to write about, and for me that's a problem. I like having some kind of guidelines. Nevertheless, I've now started with a fun little section on Arthropod … Continue reading Invertebrate Taxonomy

Spring has sprung!

I think it's fairly clear that I've been under quite a lot of stress lately, and this is unlikely to change until I've finished my end of year exams in May/June. The plan to spend today running around like a headless chicken and getting some hardcore studying done completely flew out the window when I … Continue reading Spring has sprung!