Lockdown and Hatching 

Last time I posted, I'd just candled the chicken eggs on day 4. It's now day 20. We had one clear and two red rings of death, so only 4 eggs went into lockdown. Today our first egg started to hatch, a gold top (silkie x light Sussex) bantam.  6am: 10pm: The wait is excruciating, … Continue reading Lockdown and Hatching 

July Check In

I needed a bit of time out after the stress of exams to sort my head out, but I'm back, and I thought I'd best update everyone on what's been going on. I spent several weeks hand-rearing some baby wood pigeons whose nest had fallen out of a tree, plus another who had been found … Continue reading July Check In

Revision Time

Next week is exam week, so I am hard at work revising for my Marine Biology and Ecology exams and neglecting the housework. Today I've been concentrating on Marine Biology, specifically adaptations by marine organisms to different light levels in the ocean, and nonsexual vs sexual reproduction in marine organisms. This video will give you … Continue reading Revision Time